earth hour bamboo round neck t-shirt (bts006)


Limited Edition. 

introducing our newly designed piece, in conjunction with earth hour celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. the design was conceived based on general public being ignorant towards our mother nature, our Earth. if nothing is being done by anyone, our Earth will slowly shatter away... :( supported by the line "before it's too late" at the bottom. 

the objective is to generate more awareness so that more people do, somewhat and somehow care.. care for ourselves, care for our family, care for our nature, care for the environment, care for our well-being, care for our world, care for our Earth.

the green seam around the collar and sleeves make it look more distinctive. produced locally on a 70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 2% spandex material, it is one of the most comfy t-shirt you will ever own. suitable for both men and women and available in various sizes.

production - only a couple of pieces for each size.