faq_shipping and delivery

1.     delivery time

please click here  for more details.                       

2.     delivery cost  

please click here for more details - international. for local (in malaysia) please click here .

3.     can i have different billing and delivery address?

please note the billing address is for our record purposes only. no bills will be to this address as all our order and payment acknowledgement confirmation will be sent via email. however, you have the flexibility to opt for delivery to your billing address or shipping address. 

4.     how do i make changes to my billing or delivery address?
log into your account, and click on "address book". the address you’ve entered for the first time will be the default address, applicable for both billing and delivery address. if you prefer to have a different address for billing and delivery, click on "add new address". once you have entered the address details, please select "use as my default billing address" or "use as my default shipping address". then click on "save address". the changes you have made will now be saved to your address book.