faq_my account

1.     do i need to create an account to shop in your website?
  it is an option for you to create an account with us or not. however, we strongly recommend that you do, in order for us to help serve you better. setting up an account with us
        will give you the benefits of convenience to fill in all your details again (i.e. shipping address), tracking your orders, exclusive discounts and special offers.

 2.    how do i create a new account?
      when you have selected a product to your cart, you will be prompted with a “login” page, as shown below:


       click on “continue as guest” under “guest login” and proceed with your checkout process. once you’ve completed your purchase,you’ll be directed to “your order was
successfully” page as shown below:


       here you can decide if you want to create an account with us or not. it will be convenient for you when you come back to our e-store and shop for the second time. 

3.    making an order  
select a product that you wish to purchase and it will be automatically added to your cart. if you have completed your purchases, click on “your cart” on top right of our e-store which will direct you the page below:

once you click on “checkout” button, you will be directed to “create your order” and you will be asked to fill in your personal details so that we can deliver your bamboo products to your doorstep, as shown below:



4.   if i have registered, where do i log in?
easy. if you have shopped with us before and this is your 2nd time, click on “my account” on top right of our e-store.

you just need to fill in your “email address”, “password” and click “sign in”. that’s all! 

5.   what happens if i forget my password?
      don’t worry. just click on “forgot your password” as shown below and we’ll email it to you.