faq_general info

1.   how can i contact you?
      you can reach us at the following:
            -      call: +603-6201 1928 / 2928
            -      fax: +603-6201 9928
            -      email: admin@ziboosa.com
            -      fb: www.facebook.com/ziboosa and send us a message or write on our timeline

 2.   i would like to view and feel the products first. how do i do that?
       not a problem at all! you are welcome to visit our showroom at the address below: 
                                    suite e-13-16, level 13, block e,plaza mont kiara, no. 2, jalan kiara,
                                    50480 kuala lumpur, malaysia.

 3.   what is newsletter?
       newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. newspaper and leaflets are types
       of newsletter. newsletters are delivered electronically via email.  

 4.   why should i subscribe to it?
       to keep yourself updated – be among the first to know about our new product range, special offers / promotions, special events and any other related

 5.   how do i unsubscribe to it?
       at any time and any reason you feel that you may no longer want to receive updates from us, just click at the bottom of the newsletter where it says