general info

1.   how can i contact you?
      you can reach us at the following:
            -      call: +603-6201 1928 / 2928
            -      fax: +603-6201 9928
            -      email: admin@ziboosa.com
            -      fb: https://www.facebook.com/ziboosa and send us a message or write on our timeline.

 2.   i would like to view and feel the products first. how do i do that?
 not a problem at all! you are welcome to visit our showroom at the address below: suite e-13-16, level 13, block e,plaza mont kiara, no. 2, jalan kiara, 50480 kuala lumpur,

 3.   what is newsletter?
 newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. newspaper and leaflets are types of newsletter.
       newsletters are delivered electronically via email.  

 4.   why should i subscribe to it?
to keep yourself updated – be among the first to know about our new product range, special offers / promotions, special events and any other related updates. 

 5.   how do i unsubscribe to it?
 at any time and any reason you feel that you may no longer want to receive updates from us, just click at the bottom of the newsletter where it says “unsubscribe”.   



 my account

1.     do i need to create an account to shop in your website?
  it is an option for you to create an account with us or not. however, we strongly recommend that you do, in order for us to help serve you better. setting up an account with us
        will give you the benefits of convenience to fill in all your details (i.e.shipping address), tracking your orders, eclusive discounts and special offers.

 2.    how do i create a new account?
     when you have selected a product to your cart, you will be prompted with a “login” page, as shown below:


     click on “continue as guest” under “guest login” and proceed with your checkout process. once you’ve completed your purchase,you’ll be directed to “your order was placed
     successfully” page as shown below:

      here you can decide if you want to create an account with us or not. it will be convenient for you when you come back to our e-store and shop for the second time. 

3.    making an order  
select a product that you wish to purchase and it will be automatically added to your cart. if you have completed your purchases, click on “your cart” on top right of our e-store which will direct you the page below:

once you click on “checkout” button, you will be directed to “create your order” page as shown below:

you will be asked to fill in your personal details so that we can deliver your bamboo products to your doorstep, as shown below:

4.   if i have registered, where do i log in?
easy. if you have shopped with us before and this is your 2nd time, click on “my account” on top right of our e-store.

you just need to fill in your “email address”, “password” and click “sign in”. that’s all! 

5.   what happens if i forget my password?
      don’t worry. just click on “forgot your password” as shown below and we’ll email it to you.


shipping and delivery

1.     delivery time
  please click here  for more details.                       

2.     delivery cost  
please click here for more details. 

3.     can i have different billing and delivery address?
please note the billing address is for our record purposes only. no bills will be to this address as all our order and payment acknowledgement confirmation will be sent via email. however, you have the flexibility to opt for delivery to your billing address or shipping address. 

4.     how do i make changes to my billing or delivery address?
   log into your account, and click on ‘address Book’. the address you’ve entered for the first time will be the default address, applicable for both billing and delivery address. if
        you prefer to have a different address for billing and delivery, click on ‘add new address’. once you have entered the address details, please select ‘use as my default billing
        address’ or ‘use as my default shipping address’. then click on ‘save address’. the changes you have made will now be saved to your address book.



1.   exchange policies
     we do not offer refunds on purchase(s) made. we only accept exchange with the same product is not available, then you may exchange with a difference product that is of
     similar value. you must ensure that you have the receipt of purchases, in order to do an exchange validity: within 30 days of purchase.

2.   what happens if the item i paid for and received doesn’t fit me well, am i able to return it with a refund? 
not happy with your purchase? you are allowed to exchange purchased item with another item that is available in our inventory whether it is an exchange of size/colour or even
      a change of item/s with the receipt for an exchange. all web credit available only applies for one exchange and cannot be brought forward for future use. if total amount of
      replacement item/s is of lower store value than the previous total purchased amount, the excess amount will be forfeited. if replacement item is of higher retail value
      than the previous purchased amount, customers will make up the difference. the difference have to be paid upfront before we send the item/s back to you.

3.   what happens if the product i want to exchange (whether size exchange/colour exchange/a new item) is not available in your inventory? 
      items are subject to availability at time of request of exchange. should there be none to exchange under all circumstances, we apologise in advance and hope that you will find
      something suitable in future collections. your credit will still remain with us in good faith that an exchange can still be done with no time limit imposed. do take note that
      customer is eligible for one time exchange for one time return trip.

4.  if i want to find out more, who or how do i contact you?
 if you need to exchange it for the same item, end us an email at  admin@ziboosa.com and sent your item to: suite e-13-16, level 13, block e, plaza mont kiara, no. 2,
     jalan kiara, 50480 kuala lumpur, malaysia.



1.   what type of credit cards do you accept?
      we accept payment via paypal. that means if you have an existing paypal account which is linked to your debit card or credit card, just log in your paypal account and you're set. 
      we are in the mindst of updragging our payment methods in order to serve you better. among the payment gateway that we are looking at are mastercard, visa and amex. we
      will kept you posted.

2.   do you accept online bank transfer?
yes, we do, just follow the instructions provided upon checkout.

3.   purchase limit
for security reason, it is not possible to make purchases over 100 pieces. but if you want to do this, please contact us directly to obtain a special wholesale price.


 other information

1.   how can i contact you?
you can reach us at the following:
            -      call: +603-6201 1928 / 2928
            -      fax: +603-6201 9928
            -      email: admin@ziboosa.com
            -      fb: https://www.facebook.com/ziboosa and send us a message or write on our timeline.

2.  do you have a shop?
we don't have a shop but we have a showroom, which is located at: suite e-13-16, level 13, block e, plaza mont kiara, no.2, jalan kiara, 50480 kuala lumpur, malaysia.

3.  what is your opening hours?
 we are open 5 days weekly, monday-friday from 9am - 6pm. however should you want to drop by on saturday or sunday, you just need to make prior appointment. email us
     at admin@ziboosa.com and we'll definitely meet you.